Old Fall River Road - Late August 2006

Below are photos taken during our drive and hike along Old Fall River Road
in Rocky Mountain National Park on August 30th, 2006

All Photos 2006 Darrell E. Spangler

Bridget and Darrell in alpine valley somewhere around 11,000 feet

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Mule Deer Buck just below my house Smile for the camera....
Bridget and Darrell along Fall River Wild Raspberries at 10,000 feet - Mmmmmm!!!
Ooooooo... Scary Stuff... NOT!!! Driving Up Old Fall River Road
Stay Away From Steep Slopes, A Relative Term Switchbacks of Old Fall River Road
Parked on the edge Mushrooms are outrageous this year
Alpine Fringed Gentian FLPDK (Funny Looking Plant Don't Know)
Sundance Mountain Glacial Bowl and Lava Cliffs
Me on the edge Cow Elk in High Country
Lava Cliffs Trail Ridge Store - 11,796 feet above sea level