Bighorn Sheep - October/November 2006

Below are photos of Bighorn Sheep taken along Highway 34 through the Big Thompson Canyon 
between Estes Park and Loveland during late October and early November of 2006.

All Photos 2006 Darrell E. Spangler

(Click on images for full size view)

Majectic Bighorn ram overlooks Highway 34 in the "Narrows" section of the Big Thompson Canyon Bighorn Ram in Big Thompson Canyon
Bighorn Ram on rocky peak Bighorn Ram poses for people below taking pictures
Bighorn Ram watching me closely making sure I keep my distance from the herd Bighorn Ram eating grasses on hillside along Highway 34 in the Big Thompson Canyon
Pair of Bighorn Sheep on hillside Young Bighorn looks curiously at the camera
Bighorn Ram in pursuit of female Bighorn Ram with female
Bighorn Ram along Highway 34 in Big Thompson Canyon Young Bighorn Ram mateing with female
Younger Bighorn Ram Thanks for baing a friend!
Bighorn Ram watches herd Bighorn Rams picking up the scent of a female
Mating Bighorn along Highway 34 Bighorn Rams and herd of females